Hoggard School District real estate owners drink coffee at Lucky Joe.Anyone searching Wilmington homes knows that Hoggard School District real estate is a great choice if you want your kids to get a superior education and your home to hold its value. The next thing people want to know is what it’s like to live in the area and what there is to do for fun. One of the local favorites is Lucky Joe Coffee. There are two locations, both in Wilmington. Find amazing coffee at both 1414 South College Road and 6620 Gordon Road. There’s really nothing like a cup of coffee from Lucky Joe. First, they take great care to select their beans. Then, they brew the coffee “low and slow”, to extract the most flavor without the bitterness. The result is a smooth, almost sweet flavor. Once the coffee has been brewed, it is stored in kegs. Nitrogen is used to push it out, and it’s delicious both hot and cold. All coffee is crafted and brewed in house. Be sure to try the seasonal flavors, like pumpkin spice and maple cinnamon lattes.

Try Beer Brewed near Wilmington Homes at Lucky Joe

Those Hoggard School District real estate owners looking for a neighborhood spot to relax over a pint of beer should go to the 1414 South College Road location. Not only can you get a great cup of coffee, you can also get a glass of locally brewed beer. There are five on tap, including offerings from Wilmington Brewing Company and Waterline Brewing Co. Come in often, as the taps rotate. Lucky Joe also offers sample tastes. Expand your palate by sampling the other offerings of locally brewed beer and wine. There are over 100 to choose from, both bottles and cans. Sit outside in the warm weather and soak in the sun or come inside and cozy up in one of the couches or comfy armchairs.

Visit Lucky Joe online to learn more about their coffee and beer, buy Lucky Joe merch, and learn about upcoming events.