Go to Town Creek Park near Mallory Creek real estate.One of the attractive things about Mallory Creek real estate is the beautiful rural setting of the town of Winnabow. The quiet area invites residents to enjoy walks with friends and bike rides with the family. Mallory Creek home owners enjoy the slow pace of life and friendly atmosphere of Winnabow. One of the places the community gathers is at Town Creek Park. Situated at 6420 Ocean Highway East, the park is conveniently located for any Mallory Creek real estate location.

The 55 acre park has lots of facilities and activities available. There are five baseball and softball fields and two soccer and football fields. Brunswick County Parks and Recreation hosts sports leagues for kids in elementary and middle school.

Get in Shape Near Your Mallory Creek Home on the Tennis or Basketball Courts

Gather a group of friends together for a friendly game of pick-up basketball. Play tennis at two well-maintained courts. For a slower paced game, choose shuffleboard. Practice your aim at the horseshoe pit.

If you have young kids at home, take them to the playgrounds. Let them get their energy out by climbing and sliding. The structures are designed to stimulate the imagination, so kids can pretend to be sailing a ship or flying in a rocket. Parents can rest assured that their kids are safe while they engage in active play, as the structures are new and comply with the latest safety standards.

Adults who want to get in shape can also get fresh air on the 2.5 mile paved trail. Walkers, joggers, and cyclists are all welcome to use it. Along the way, stop and use the fitness stations. Each one contains instructions for how to strengthen a different muscle group.

Whatever you plan to do at Town Creek Park, be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy at the pavilion and picnic shelter. Cool off in the shade with your favorite sandwich or fruit after you’ve been exercising. There’s also a nature trail to explore at a leisurely pace.