Order Fresh Seafood Caught near Wrightsville Beach Real Estate at Blockade Runner

Wrightsville Beach real estate owners get take out from Blockade RunnerCommunities are coming together for mutual support during the ongoing crisis. Wrightsville Beach real estate owners are no different. From bringing neighbors groceries to patronizing local businesses, everyone who calls Wrightsville Beach home is finding ways to help. Our businesses are also having to adapt to these challenging times. While we can’t relax on the patios of our gorgeous waterfront restaurants, their kitchens are still busy, cooking up great food for patrons. They’re also developing family meal kits. Some are even holding pop-up grocery stores. Blockade Runner Restaurant is one of the local eateries that is rising to meet the current challenge.

Order From the Comfort of Your Wrightsville Beach Home and Get Pick up or Delivery

Order one of the new family meals to go. They are portioned for two diners, perfect for an at-home date night or add some extras to round it out for more people. Choose a soup or salad. Options include vegan soup, seafood soup, vegan runner salad, or berry and goat cheese salad. Then decide on an entree. There’s short ribs, crab cakes, roasted Peruvian chicken, vegan capellini pasta, or sauteed mahi-mahi. Finish off with dessert--a brownie, cookies or lemon bars, or vegan chocolate pudding. Lots of the Blockade Runner’s favorite menu items are also available. Get a sandwich, a seafood basket, or fish tacos. Make a reservation for the lobster boil on Fridays and Saturdays.

Before you head to to get your order, check to see if there are groceries needed at your Wrightsville Beach real estate. Get milk, cheese, butter, or eggs. Pick up a roll or two of toilet paper. Find fresh produce or a quart of soup. Don’t forget the real necessities, including wine, beer, cookies, and candy.

Visit Blockade Runner online to see the complete meal and list of available groceries. Put in your order at the website, then decide whether you want to pick it up or have it delivered. 

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