Snow's Cut Loop real estate owners love Squigley's.Owning Snow’s Cut Loop real estate means that vacation is your normal state of being. Since Snow’s Cut Loop homes are right on the water, it’s easy to keep fit by swimming, sailing, kayaking, and other fun water sports. Residents can also make time to enjoy the great food and drinks available just a short drive away. One of the local favorites is Squigley’s Ice Cream and Treats Shoppe. Located in a renovated home that was built in the 1930s, Joe and Ann Coen bought the building in 1994. They turned it into the pink and white ice cream palace locals know and love today.

Everyone from Snow’s Cut Loop Homes Will Find a Combination to Love

The Squigley is the signature treat. Start with real vanilla ice cream, then choose two or three mix-ins. Make up your own combinations of candy, fruit, bakery treats, nuts, and more. Your creation will then be “Squiggled” together using a special machine. Choose to have it served in a waffle cone or cup. There are more than 4,000 combinations possible, so you’ll never get tired of coming back.

In addition to the Squigley, there are a number of other refreshing frozen treats. Try a scoop or three of one of the many flavors of ice cream. If you really can’t decide, try the sampler, which lets you try four different flavors. Turn your favorite flavor into a milkshake or make a float with ice cream and soda. There are a number of sundae variations, too. Try the classic with three scoops of ice cream, a topping, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. For extra yumminess, opt for the brownie sundae. Adventurous eaters will love the Fire & Ice Sundae. Scoops of ice cream rest on chips of waffle cone, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with jalapeno sweet sauce. There are many more treats to try, as well as a gift shop on the top floor.

Snow’s Cut Loop real estate owners can learn more about Squigley’s, including a full menu, details about the gift shop, and open hours, which vary by the season.